Top 3 reasons why I will continue to write – and it may surprise you

The big topic of the week for me is what to put out on Social Media – if anything at all. At the moment, what I’ve come to the conclusion of is that I will continue to blog and post and follow whatever my heart feels that it should say. I’ve decided to do this for a couple of reasons.  

1. First, I like watching other people’s things.

I like watching people’s everyday lives and I like knowing about people.

It brings me comfort when I realize that other people struggle with the same things.

On the flip side, when someone has something I want I realize I really can have that too – if I really want. Or, if they have a  really cool life but I realize that I actually don’t want to live THEIR day to day grind, then instead of being jealous I’m just happy for them (side note – I could write a whole post on overcoming being jealous of others on social media and real life).

So I guess this is to say that I don’t think anyone’s right and I don’t think anyone’s wrong.  We all just happen to choose different sorts of lives and different things to fill our lives with.

We all have the same amount of hours in a day and in a week and what differs is how we spend them – and how we feel about how we spend them – and I truly don’t think there’s a right or a wrong way. So I want to be clear that by me posting I DO NOT THINK I AM BETTER OR MORE RIGHT.

2. Second, I post things that have helped me, and by writing about it it also helps me make sense of things – but in no way do I think I have all the answers (if I had them all I would tell you!)

I think that many of us are searching for answers in one respect or another. Maybe we want to find a new job, or a partner, or more happiness, or try to figure out why we’re here in the first place, our beliefs, etc. Many of my wonderings and musings are about life, how to be happy, what happiness even means, and if I’ve really chosen the correct path for myself. I wonder about human connection and what makes our souls and hearts happy. Then I wonder what the word “soul” even means. These are the kinds of things that get me out of bed.

Many of the ideas, questions, answers, and inspirations that I’ve had from these thoughts, I share. Because it’s what’s helped ME, but I’m not even sure if I’m “right” or if it will help you at all – maybe there is no right or wrong or if there is maybe it doesn’t even matter. All I do know is that it’s helped me, and it would be a shame to keep it all to myself.

3. Lastly, and most importantly, by watching my stuff I want you to love your stuff.

This is the big realization I had the other day – that my message really is not to simply love who you are, but love your life, what’s happening, the people in it, the location. Open your eyes to the little tiny miracles and beauty you have in your life NOW – the things that have always been there but maybe you couldn’t see it.

I like to write about these little things – life’s little tiny miracles in the current situation I happen to be in, so I can experience more happiness and love in my heart NOW.

If reading about this makes you realize that your life is actually full of tiny little miracles, too, then in my mind, I’ve fulfilled my mission.

You don’t need to move to Japan or Thailand or travel all the time to find this peace within yourself. For me, it seems I had to go through all this to realize that it’s not really ever anything on the outside that will bring you peace, it’s always in the inside. I think I’ve learned this lesson about a million times in my life, and I continue to learn it. Over, and over, and over again. This time life brought me to Japan to learn it. Again.

We are all just living life.

We are sleeping and eating and breathing and making connections. And all the little moments and stuff in between are when life happens. It’s not the big crazy moments but the small ones. It’s another workout, another breakfast, another friend, another belly laugh.

So love yours.

Love your stuff because it’s your stuff and no one else’s.

And when that stuff no longer works for you, then it’s time to change it – and with a little help, there’s always an answer. As one of my favorite mentors, Marie Forleo, puts it – EVERYTHING is figureoutable.