You Can Do Hard Things

I’m sitting on my little green couch, as I do every morning, having my coffee, and feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude. An overwhelming sense of gratitude for the life that I have, for every breath that I take, and for being able to have this experience of growth. This post is part reflection, part practical update on Japan. It’s … Continue Reading

My Biggest Secret – The Real Truth About My Life

The absolute, 100% raw, real and sobering truth is that I ache for my home. I ache for my hometown and my family and even (I may kick myself for saying this) the snow. The real truth is that I’ve been running my whole life. I have been running away from myself and to myself simultaneously. I have lost myself … Continue Reading

When Your Joys Become a Chore

I’m laying on my yoga mat, unable to get myself to do any poses, only able to concentrate on how tired my body is and how much pain my thumb is in. I managed to injure my thumb to the point where I may have tendonitis or severely strained the muscle – and probably because I’ve pushed myself a little … Continue Reading

When the struggle can be your best friend

My mom told me a story the other day of an egg in their chicken coop that happened to be hatching as my dad walked by. The baby chick seemed to be struggling, and true to form, my dad couldn’t help but help – so he broke open the shell just a bit to help the chick get out. The … Continue Reading

Japan, Transition, and finding Ease and Grace

I’ve been in Japan for 2 weeks now, and I’ve got to be honest, there’s been the good, the bad, and the ugly – I guess there always is. Japan is so different than the United States, and even very different from living in Thailand. For starters, I’m in a completely different situation as far as my job goes and … Continue Reading

Cauliflower Fried Rice that will BLOW YOUR MIND (And your kids)

So I thought it’d be fun to do a little dinner night experiment and start making meals that were country themed. The catch? They had to be HEALTHY. I absolutely love Asian food but I don’t always love all the rice or think it’s necessarily “healthy”. I decided to finally try out the infamous Cauliflower Fried Rice – I have … Continue Reading

4 Invaluable lessons for lasting Peace

Tomorrow I am flying back to the United States for the first time in 15 months, which is causing me to pause, stop and reflect on these pivotal months of my life. When I came to Thailand and Asia I was broken and at an all time low in my life. I had just lost the most significant relationship in … Continue Reading

What the heck have I been doing in Thailand, anyway…?

I’ve now been in Thailand for almost 3 and a half months, which seems completely impossible but true. When I realized this I thought back to all the things I’ve done in the last 3 and a half months and the things I’ve learned and I was completely shocked. I literally don’t know how you can fit this much into … Continue Reading

Koh Lanta, Schizophrenia, and Inner Mirrors

Koh Lanta was a magical place for me, healing and restorative as well as revealing in an unexpected but very welcome way. As I’ve spoken about many times before, I have always seen myself as a somewhat schizophrenic, unstable, and unhappy person, struggling to find the positive in the everyday. I had essentially succumbed myself to being a pained, tortured … Continue Reading

This is why I write

(Preface: Earlier this week I was complaining about how slow my computer was and told my friend I might buy a computer here in Thailand. The next day my computer wouldn’t turn on. Be careful what you put into the Universe. Seriously. I am now stuck blogging on a tiny phone keyboard. Tedious is an understatement.) I had a friend … Continue Reading

Why I choose to live a life of risk

Getting caught in the rain is a lot like life. You can do two things when everything seems to fall apart. Or you’re having a bad day. Or you just feel like having a pity party. You can either power forward or stop. Recently I got caught in the rain. I’m biking home from a beautiful day at the pool … Continue Reading

The Magical City of Chiang Mai

After a grueling week and a half of pouring over a years worth of content for 11 different classes, learning how to make a year schedule to include all this content and creating lesson plans, meeting all my colleagues and bosses at the school whose names I can’t pronounce, moving and setting up into my new place in Thailand, trying … Continue Reading

First Taste of Thailand

So I’ve tried to recount my travels to Thailand multiple times but I admit I just can’t get it out – I’m having a hard time really describing what it feels like to say goodbye to friends and family and get on a 27 hour journey to a foreign land on the opposite side of the globe where you know … Continue Reading

Goin’ to Thailand

I oftentimes find it difficult to describe why I think or do certain things – why I decide to make the choices I do. I’ve come to the conclusion that all I can do is be honest. So here is an honest story to why I have decided that I am signing a contract to go to Thailand to teach … Continue Reading

This is your life – not a dress rehearsal

Panic. I’m panicking. Again. I thought that this was over but occasionally it creeps up on me. I’ve been trying to “get it together” all day – what the hell does that even mean? I tried to control every little aspect of my life to cleaning out and purging the boxes that I packed up from my apartment (purging everything … Continue Reading

A Journey to the Mountains

Two weeks ago I got on a plane to Costa Rica. Sitting on the plane I was actually pondering why I was going. A lot of people had asked me why I was going and honestly, I wasn’t sure what to say. What I really wanted to do was scream in their face and say: “I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA … Continue Reading