Tapping into the Steady Rhythm of Life

Rush, rush, rush, rush, rush.  That seems to be the theme these days. Life feels like a giant race most of the time as we all gallop around at full speed on our horses, often seemingly out of control and overwhelmed, about to crash at any moment, but somehow – somehow we manage to stay on.  We manage to keep … Continue Reading

How to stop taking yourself so dang seriously! – Four of the biggest takeaways after living 30 years on this earth

I love birthdays and I love my birthday. I know it sounds self-centered but I really do. Why? It’s a beautiful day where you get to celebrate yourself – I mean, wow! You get to celebrate yourself! Your wonderful, beautiful, fantastic self! Is there anything better than that?! Seriously, though, have you ever thought about how amazing and special you … Continue Reading

How to find your home and place in this world

With the holidays around, I have to be honest and say that I’ve been a little homesick. But, what does that mean? What does home mean, and why is it that we get “homesick”? Home. What is home, and why do our hearts yearn for it? What makes a home a home, and why is it that you can never … Continue Reading

If you feel like you don’t know how to trust yourself, read this.

It’s not always easy to trust ourselves. It’s easy to second-guess our decisions, wonder why we’re not happy, wonder if we’ll know the right decisions to make for our lives and know what’s best for us. For my whole life, I have always been inclined to ask for the answer. I just wanted to KNOW. I wanted to know what … Continue Reading

When Your Joys Become a Chore

I’m laying on my yoga mat, unable to get myself to do any poses, only able to concentrate on how tired my body is and how much pain my thumb is in. I managed to injure my thumb to the point where I may have tendonitis or severely strained the muscle – and probably because I’ve pushed myself a little … Continue Reading

When the struggle can be your best friend

My mom told me a story the other day of an egg in their chicken coop that happened to be hatching as my dad walked by. The baby chick seemed to be struggling, and true to form, my dad couldn’t help but help – so he broke open the shell just a bit to help the chick get out. The … Continue Reading

Pirate Ships, Yoga, Life.

Have you ever been on one of those pirate ships at amusement parks where you slowly and gradually swing higher and higher on each side until you almost seem like your going to flip over? This is basically life. All signs point to the fact that ups and downs are inevitable and nothing ever really stays the same.  These ups … Continue Reading

Man search for meaning part 2: Making Space

Prefer to listen? Watch here! This week I want to tell you a story. I’m going to start with a personal story of when my healing REALLY started to happen. It’s a little long but stick with it – because in the end you will know exactly what the first step is to discovering meaning and purpose in your life. … Continue Reading

Man (and Woman) Search for Meaning Part 1

This is the 1st video and blog in this series of…who knows how many!! If you prefer to watch, click HERE.  If you’ve thought to yourself “Hmm, I haven’t heard from KateLyn lately – I wonder if she’s still writing and what she’s up to?”, well, I have to admit I haven’t really written lately. I haven’t been present on … Continue Reading

The Seasons of Life

There is no guarantee in life. There is not right time to do anything. There are no shoulds or shouldn’ts or perfect path; there is only the present moment and the dare to dream. There are seasons for everything during this process and the easier you transition between the seasons the more enjoyable life becomes, filled with ease and grace. … Continue Reading

4 Easy ways to get calm when you’re feeling crazy

It’s been awhile since my last blog post and it always makes me feel a little bit guilty. Maybe for letting myself down or maybe for letting my readers down. Maybe a little bit of the both. I’m positive, though, that the reason for this is that lately I haven’t allowed myself to slow down; and that is the lesson … Continue Reading

4 Invaluable lessons for lasting Peace

Tomorrow I am flying back to the United States for the first time in 15 months, which is causing me to pause, stop and reflect on these pivotal months of my life. When I came to Thailand and Asia I was broken and at an all time low in my life. I had just lost the most significant relationship in … Continue Reading

Why do you do what you do?

The last two weeks have been a marathon. I came home from a month of traveling that ended in an epic business conference for my passion project. I was psyched to come back home and hit the ground running even though I knew I was going to have to move my whole life (AKA pack up my entire apartment) and … Continue Reading

The Anxiety of Embarrassment

While on my run today I had this little word – embarrassment – creep into my head. As I do with many things, I started to analyze what this meant to me personally and came to the conclusion and a major “aha” moment that embarrassment has been an underlying theme in my life and is the root to much of … Continue Reading

A Journey to the Mountains

Two weeks ago I got on a plane to Costa Rica. Sitting on the plane I was actually pondering why I was going. A lot of people had asked me why I was going and honestly, I wasn’t sure what to say. What I really wanted to do was scream in their face and say: “I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA … Continue Reading