Why do you do what you do?

The last two weeks have been a marathon. I came home from a month of traveling that ended in an epic business conference for my passion project. I was psyched to come back home and hit the ground running even though I knew I was going to have to move my whole life (AKA pack up my entire apartment) and … Continue Reading

Addicted to Misery

As I reflect upon my month of travel one of the most important realizations and lessons I learned was that I was addicted to misery. The next thing I realized was that I had complete control over that. Let me give you a little background. On the outside I have always been bubbly and happy but somehow I was always … Continue Reading

The Anxiety of Embarrassment

While on my run today I had this little word – embarrassment – creep into my head. As I do with many things, I started to analyze what this meant to me personally and came to the conclusion and a major “aha” moment that embarrassment has been an underlying theme in my life and is the root to much of … Continue Reading

A Journey to the Mountains

Two weeks ago I got on a plane to Costa Rica. Sitting on the plane I was actually pondering why I was going. A lot of people had asked me why I was going and honestly, I wasn’t sure what to say. What I really wanted to do was scream in their face and say: “I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA … Continue Reading