Koh Lanta, Schizophrenia, and Inner Mirrors

Koh Lanta was a magical place for me, healing and restorative as well as revealing in an unexpected but very welcome way. As I’ve spoken about many times before, I have always seen myself as a somewhat schizophrenic, unstable, and unhappy person, struggling to find the positive in the everyday. I had essentially succumbed myself to being a pained, tortured … Continue Reading

Pain. Repair. Stronger. Repeat.

I have to be honest, lately I’ve had a gnawing feeling of empty loneliness in my heart. I’ve been finding it difficult to connect with the world and those around me and enjoy the day to day. It has felt as if the molecules that I am comprised of are separate from the air that I’m sitting in. Some people … Continue Reading

How to stop waffling in indecision forever

It’s not new news that we’re all searching for happiness. That’s evident and obvious. I’ve been searching for happiness ever since I can remember. I’ve always had a strong drive in to excel in life. I found great satisfaction in this when I was young. As I got older, though, I struggled with finding happiness in school, life, and relationships, … Continue Reading

The Art of Letting Go

Sometimes you just have to let go and stop holding back. Last week I read “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coehlo. It hit me so hard that this week I’m reading it again. I was struck this morning with the idea that sometimes, you just have to let go and stop holding back. So many of us are holding ourselves back … Continue Reading

Life is a lot like a workout

Life is a lot like a work out. Except a lot more serious. I got to the end of one of my workouts this week and realized I could have worked harder. Like, a lot harder. I was barely sweating and my body wasn’t tired. The entire workout I was conscious of the fact that I wasn’t working as hard … Continue Reading

This is why I write

(Preface: Earlier this week I was complaining about how slow my computer was and told my friend I might buy a computer here in Thailand. The next day my computer wouldn’t turn on. Be careful what you put into the Universe. Seriously. I am now stuck blogging on a tiny phone keyboard. Tedious is an understatement.) I had a friend … Continue Reading

The Magical City of Chiang Mai

After a grueling week and a half of pouring over a years worth of content for 11 different classes, learning how to make a year schedule to include all this content and creating lesson plans, meeting all my colleagues and bosses at the school whose names I can’t pronounce, moving and setting up into my new place in Thailand, trying … Continue Reading

Are you Should-ing on yourself?

Yes, should-ing on yourself. You read it right. I do it often. Most of us do it often. That’s why it’s now a verb. I’ll tell you a little story on how it happens. Tomorrow will be a week in Thailand. I’m amazed how calm I’ve been in this whole transition. No heart attacks. No Skype calls to Mom balling … Continue Reading

First Taste of Thailand

So I’ve tried to recount my travels to Thailand multiple times but I admit I just can’t get it out – I’m having a hard time really describing what it feels like to say goodbye to friends and family and get on a 27 hour journey to a foreign land on the opposite side of the globe where you know … Continue Reading

Goin’ to Thailand

I oftentimes find it difficult to describe why I think or do certain things – why I decide to make the choices I do. I’ve come to the conclusion that all I can do is be honest. So here is an honest story to why I have decided that I am signing a contract to go to Thailand to teach … Continue Reading

Why do you do what you do?

The last two weeks have been a marathon. I came home from a month of traveling that ended in an epic business conference for my passion project. I was psyched to come back home and hit the ground running even though I knew I was going to have to move my whole life (AKA pack up my entire apartment) and … Continue Reading