How to love yourself and find serenity, peace, and acceptance in all things

A couple of weeks ago I lost my cell phone.

Though I strive for focus and having a firm grip on life and my reactions to the world around me, I felt myself fall into a slight panic – and by slight I mean I was freaking out in my head.

What made things worse, was that it happened out of my own carelessness – putting my cell phone in my pocket while biking, without making sure that it was really in there securely. In hindsight, I really shouldn’t be biking with my cell phone in my pocket, anyway, especially if there isn’t a zipper!

After the initial freak out of losing contacts and not having a way to contact anyone, I started to beat myself up. I was angry at myself for being careless. Looking back at that moment I knew that I was being careless but didn’t listen – which made things even worse.  

A couple of days later a friend sent me an article, and in that article it said:

“There’s the reality of life, and then there’s our view of how we think life should be. The degree to which those two differ is the degree to which we suffer.” – Peter Crone, in Mind Body Green.

I sat in stillness after reading this for what felt like hours.

How true this is. And how difficult it can be to accept where we are and what we’ve done so far. How difficult it can be to accept everything in our lives, when we know we’ve done something careless, or made the wrong decision; especially when we knew it might be the wrong decision but didn’t heed our consciousness.

Once again, I had to learn acceptance and a deep love for myselfeven when I mess up.

I recently started reading “Walk Like a Buddha” by Lordo Linzler, and he opens with the sentence

“I’m sort of a mess and also okay.”

I love this because we’re all sort of a mess. We’re all learning and growing and figuring out how to do this thing called life.  We’re all sort of a mess – but we are all OK, too.

It can be a scary, intimidating, and intense journey, but digging deep within ourselves, sitting quietly and digging into the deepest parts of our souls is where you find that acceptance. It’s where you find the compassion and love and a sense of serenity in your life.

If you are looking for this love, acceptance, serenity, or whatever word you might use, start with sitting quietly. It doesn’t need to be on a meditation cushion or in a meditation retreat. Simply taking a moment to breathe throughout the day is a good start. Focusing in on yourself and your day before you go to bed. Start here and see where it takes you. Little by little, you’ll see the magic start to work.

If you need a little guidance, support, or an ear – let’s connect. Sometimes we just need a little help – I know I have <3

P.S. A very kind person found my cell phone and I got it back in the end! Guess it was silly to do all that worrying…