A little pep talk for you…

If no one has told you before, or hasn’t told you recently, YOU ARE CAPABLE.

I think most of us have wasted many a day walking around our houses or our jobs wondering what to do next. Usually, it isn’t that we don’t know what to do next. Actually, we usually know exactly what we need to do next. The problem is, is that we don’t believe that we will actually succeed, or that we are even capable of finishing the task or goal or whatever it may be.

Many of us grow up believing that maybe we’ve fallen a little short. That person in 1st grade drew a prettier picture than you. Your younger sister won an art contest, or your older sister was constantly being praised on how nice she was, how well she did in sports and school, and how good of a child she was. She never got in trouble and never seemed to have any inner turmoil. All of this MUST make you, then, incapable of being a good, successful person.

This feeling sticks with you and it bleeds into everything you do.

You want to lose weight or become a nicer and kinder person; but you don’t put on your running shoes  – or you find yourself getting angry and annoyed at small little things – again.

Why is this?

You don’t actually believe you are capable.

But you are. You truly, truly are.

You are capable. Simply put, we are all made out of the same cells and the same stuff of the Universe. 

So if the person next to you is capable and beautiful and successful, so are you.

You are capable. You can do anything. I can do anything.

So next time you are walking around your house and realize that you’ve been doing circles for seconds, minutes, hours – all day – remember that whatever task you’re trying to finish is in your reach. Usually, we just don’t get it done because we don’t BELIEVE we will get it done – and then we waste most of our time worrying about that.

What would happen if you believed you could do it?

If you TRULY believed you were capable of finishing all of your chores, your tasks, or that art project that you’ve been wanting to finish?

I assure you-you could. Even with very little time, and a list seemingly a thousand miles long, the days where I feel empowered, part of the Universe and connected and realize that I am just as good as the next person, that I am CAPABLE of anything I desire, I get it all done, with clarity. With joy. With love.

You can do it.

As Meik Wiking says, “We are not so very different – we just had different starting points.”

Yes, we all have different starting points. Different things happened to us. But we are all made out of the same stuff. We are all beautiful human beings on this Earth, and we are all capable. You are capable.

If you need someone to believe in you, I will be that person. Because I know that you are not very different than me – and if I can do it, then so can you.

I believe.